Archive of writings, stories and observations

Volunteer teaching in Ghana 2005-06

Volunteering in Indonesia 2006

Backpacking SE Asia and Australasia 2007

Marathon des Sables 2016

Middle East

Discovering Petra

The Arab spring and my small part in it

My love of deserts

Syria in a ore peaceful time

A quiet place in Istanbul

Three sets of footsteps to Petra

Middle East photos


Danger on the Volta

The Serengeti

The Sacred Pool of Paga

African photos

The White Desert

Disturbing a Lion

Dune friendly?

Africa gallery

Living Underground

Changuu Island

What have the Romans ever done for us

Being punched in the balls by a pirate

Welcome to Tataouine

International Fancy Dress

A Moroccan Stag doo


Ghana 05/06 Photos

Cross dressing across borders

Random Travels

Seeing the Dalai Lama

Pistol squatting all over the world

A photo speaks a thousand words

Travel essentials

Travel risks worth taking

The wonders of foreign markets

My mask obsession

Hereditary travel?

To guidebook or not to guidebook

Travel purchases

Festival of San Fermin

San Fermin 2013

San Fermin 2013 photo gallery

Anticipating San Fermin 2013

The 'fun' also rises

My first bull fight

San Fermin 2014


San Fermin gallery 2011 - 2012

Adventures in the UK and Europe


Welcome to Kiev

Through the Fridge - The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Ten things to do in Madrid

Adventure races with a broken and

Chiddingstone Castle


Chernobyl and Pripyat

London in the sun

Treptower Park, Berlin

Holding Hemingway's hand

Meeting Michael Palin

Books, books everywhere

Neapolitan Graffiti

Vandalism or art?

London 2012 gallery

European travel gallery

As close to the Pole as I may ever get

Up on the lake - adventures in Sweden

A henge road trip

Across the Solent


Madrid Gallery

A little jaunt to Bath

I am a world champion

A different side to London town

A massive slong on the hillside

Underneath Exeter

How good was London 2012

Ramblings on life in general

Gym pet hates

Cairo to Constantinople. Comparing photos from 1862 to 2008

Too much Christmas cheer!

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