Twisted palm tree Zanzibar 2009

Nnugwi beach, Zanzibar 2009

Coconut collecting. Cape coast, Ghana 2005.

Rioters in Cairo 2011

Broken down Tro Tro near Yeji, Ghana 2005

Dalai Lama speaking in Sydney, Australia 2007

Patriotic pride. London bunting 2012

The Korean DMZ 2012

Banteay Srei, Cambodia
Giraffe sanctuary in Kenya

View of the Monastery. Petra, Jordan. 2008.
Glencoe, Scotland 2007

Buying bags of purified drinking water. Swedru, Ghana 2005.

Larabanga mosque. The oldest building in West Africa. 2005

The beauty of Victoria falls. Taken from the bridge 2008.

Whitehaven beach, Whitsunday islands, Australia. 2002

If you can't see the 'mystic stone' it's 'just here'. Larabanga, Ghana 2005.

This child is obviously the mystic stone's guardian

Palmyra, Syria 2008.

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Petra in Jordan. 2008.

Wadi Rum, Jordan 2008

The Bridge over the river Kwai. NOt the original one obviously. Thailand 2007.

Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania 2009

Wa, Upper West Region, Ghana 2005

City scene Amman, Jordan. 2008.

Porto 2010
                                           View of Table mountain without the table cloth 2008

Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn in 2008. Namibia.

The road to nowhere. Botswana 2008.

Tanzania 2009
Pamplona 2011. The trip that my Bull running obsession started.
Pamplona 2012, covered in Sangria at the opening ceremony.

The Siq reveals the treasury. Petra, Jordan. 2008

            When we were nice an clean. Before the opening ceremony of the 2012 San Fermin festival.
Dune 45 just outside Swakopmund, Namibia. Photo taken while travelling from Capetown to Victoria Falls

Ta Prohm temple, Cambodia. Taken in February 2012.
Wadi Rum, Jordan. Taken in 2008 as part of a journey from the Syrian/Turkish border to Cairo.
Festival of San Fermin 2012. Inside the bull ring just after they released the steers.

White desert , Egypt 2011. I returned from here to a whole lot of Cairo rioting madness.

Meeting one of my heroes in December 2012. Michael Palin CBE.

Ta Prohm temple, Cambodia 2012

Preah Khan temple, Cambodia 2012

Whale watching off the coast of Kaikora, New Zealand 2007

Illuminated G and T

Kbal Speen, Cambodia 2012

Middle East Travel photos


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