Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Colonel and the Lady

A friend of mine was reading some 1880s almost erotica and asked me to concoct a little bit of my own.
Here is the result!

Imagine a safari in Kenya.

Khaki tents erected in a circle with a central fire.

The noise of crickets fill the air and native servants stand leaning on their long thing spears as the fire light dances of their near naked bodies.


Colonel Faversham strided into the tent. He flung the flaps aside and was greeted by a gasp.

 'Colonel, I am in my undergarments', blushed Lady Evelyn.

 'I can't wait any longer my lady, I must express to you a desire that is burning inside me. It rages like a furnace and is being constantly stoked by an over zealous boiler man', Colonel Faversham said in one breathless sentence.

 Lady Evelyn was shaking, the presence of a man in her tent was enough to make anyone all a fluster; but a man as dashing as Colonel Bertie Faversham V.C. with his bristling whiskers and waxed mustache could possibly be too much for any Lady in waiting to cope with.

 Her heart pounded beating against her chest sending blood pulsating and making her ears ring.

'Oh Colonel', was all Lady Evelyn could gasp as she slipped from consciousness and fainted.

Colonel Faversham leaped forwards and caught Lady Evelyn as she fell and pulled her into his chest.

Her face nuzzled against his sideboards and she could smell the old Holborn on his breath. He had a slight stain of snuff around his mustache and his row of medal pushed into her shoulder.

'May I kiss you', Colonel Faversham said while looking deeply into her eyes.

Was this what it was like to feel like a woman Lady Evelyn thought to herself?

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