Friday, 19 April 2013

Old enought to know better - Young enough to still misbehave

The years go past and I get older; grey hairs have started to speckle my head and lines that were once smooth skins appears around my eyes.

Growing older can be done the British way, steadily and dignified with decorum.

Or you could break the mold like I do and cling to your twenties even when you turned 30 and everyone repeatedly reminds you about it.

Passing out on my 30th birthday was one of the particular highlights that my friends like to mention to me. Over and over again and nominate me for silly awards because of it.

There I was dressed as  Boer war soldier resplendent in red coat and white pith helmet when I am forced to drink a yard of shots.

The rest of the evening I was a drunken mess and was found giggling in the corner to myself.

It is not everyday that someone dressed as King Leonidas and someone else dressed as St. George have to carry you home while your trousers are round your ankles due to falling over at the toilet.

Memories are made of things like this eh?

Oh, and they also waxed off my eyebrow!

Well to be honest even though I missed a massive chunk of my birthday I still had a great time.

As I get older I find changes in myself. The moving from Guinness to ale and not liking clubs so much. But I also cling to youthful obsessions and try and out run and out silly all at my rugby club.

Getting older affects us all but it is how we handle it that really matters.

I like to be silly everyday, go on adventures and do things that make people ask why.

Bull running in Spain, weird festivals and rugby are just a small example of how to remain young.

The more things you do and the more fun you actively seek out the younger you become in your heart.

Doing something on a spur of the moment; something random, fun and exciting. It can be anything as long as it puts a smile on your face.

I will never grow old, I will always be a Peter Pan character and I know my friends wouldn't expect anything less.

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