Thursday, 18 April 2013

Similarities between travel and fancy dress

Something happens to people when you travel; inhibitions are gone and confidence grows. You chat to people you would not normally do so and you become more outwards.

This is just one of the brilliant traits that travel teaches people.

In my experience there is one other situation that creates the same outward going persona and lack of inhibitions in people who were complete strangers.

When you travel you bump into so many people who were one not known to you; then after chatting to them everything is accelerated. Friendships blossom and so do relationships. People meet and after two days knowing each other can travel for 6 months together.

This is because travel has that magical quality of altering a person while they are embarking on it.

I believe there is one other situation that possesses this magic too.

This is of course being in fancy dress!

Yes I know this may sound far fetched and rather silly but read on and I will try and win your confidence back by explaining.

Imagine you have been invited to a fancy dress party; you turn up with a friend or two all in costume and are greeted by others all in the same boat.

Therefore each and every one of you at this party has something in common; the costumes.

Travel is the same where each and every one of you has travel in common. You can open conversations with the usual travel questions such as’ “where have you been, where are you going and how long for”.

Before you know it people at that fancy dress party are asking who people are, where did the costume come from and complimenting each other.

It becomes a bubble. Like travelling you become so immersed in travelling and seeing the sights that you talk to everyone.

In that party you will almost inevitably chat away and make new friends and acquaintances; especially if any costumes are scantily clad or well made.

This is of course taking into consideration only those people who love fancy dress.

I am a true believer that every party should be in fancy dress as there will also be those who come who do not know many of the other guests.

Therefore if they have that little something in common a barrier has been broken down already and the conversation can flow.

Or this could be me waffling just because I dressed as a Spartan the other day and chatted to everyone and everything!

You decide and try it yourself.

See how you interact in both situations and I bet you find my words true.

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