Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ghana 2005-06 photos

Fulani herdsmen cross the roads with their cattle

The late Cara Knowles feeding a mona monkey in Baubeng Fiena sanctuary

Phone top up shack in Accra


Coconut juce in Apam

The Big Tree, apparently West Africa's largest juts outside Swedru

Broken down Tro tro near Yyeji

View from Cape Coast Castle

Cara Knowles at the big tree

Capr Coast castle

Mount Afadjato Ghana's highest peak

Obroni Wednesday drinks

Kids and a dead rat

Cape coast castle

Tagbo Falls, Volta Region

Cloth seller in Makola market, Aaccra

Typical taxi on the streets of Mankessim

Palm wine

Sir Charles beach, Winneba

Elephant and boy on rubbish dump, Mole national park

Cara Knowles

Wli waterfalls, Volta region


Tagbo Falls

View of the Togolese border
Elmina castle

A wad of Ghanaian cedis. Approx about £50

View from Cape Coast castle

Cape Coast Castle

Boats outside the castle in Cape coast

School kids move a chicken coop, Kwanyako secondary school

Mona monkey

Elephant in Mole national park

Queen mother inauguration in Nyakrom

Cool drinks in Swedru's shaduf spot bar

Sir Charles beach, Wwinneba

View of slum from Cape Coast castle

Wli falls through the trees

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