Sunday, 7 April 2013

The pain and bitter taste of losing a cup final

No one likes losing and no one likes it especially when you have just lost a cup final.

The bitter taste stays in your mouth for ages and no matter how much post match drink is consumed the taste remains.

My beloved Ongar Rugby club punched above our weight and finished as runners up in the league.

One snowy day in March we played in terrible conditions and battled to victory in a place in the cup final.

Ever since that day I have thought about it through every waking hour.

The need to win was all consuming and the need to play even greater.

I had to move heaven and Earth to try and get my work covered for me to make the game. It meant that much to me and still does.

The sun was out and the April weather had forgotten about snow and cold and rain for one day. The sun shone down on Ongar rugby club and we certainly looked the part as we trotted out onto the pitch.

Today was the biggest day in our little clubs recent history. We were all immensely proud of our achievements and even more proud of the fact that we were here standing shoulder to shoulder today not only as a team but a group of friends.

Sadly the match didn’t end up like the fairy-tale ending we all hoped for.

We lost in the match but not in our hearts that still pumped pride around our veins.

We celebrated in style and took Ongar’s pubs by storm. An eventful night full of antics, banter, shenanigans and silliness followed us wherever we went. We were like a dinking swarm all in Ongar T shirts and fun was our currency!

The match against a bigger team is a great learning curb for our predominantly young side; next year we will come back stronger, harder and faster and hit the ground running.

Ongar rugby club is not just any old club; it is a way of life and will forever be etched in my heart.

Long live Spongar!

ORFC website match report

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