Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Almost time

The anticipation its at fever pitch. I am packed and ready to go and cannot wait to get to Pamplona and run with those bulls.

Viva San Fermin and the wonderful festival that erupts and in the words of Hemingway 'explodes' into life in the Basque city.

The greatest event ever hits town and the festival explodes onto the streets, in bars, parks and campsites. Everywhere has a true carnival atmosphere and it almost has a feeling of anything goes as people dive into the crowd from the top of statues and swim in fountains.

This year I have my head camera for the run and am determined to get into the arena again like last year.
My heart pounded and I could hear the blood pulsating in my ears, the adrenaline shot into my system and I have never felt so alive as when we were in the arena in the amateur bull fight and a steer is aiming its horns at you at speed.
Not only had we ran through the streets and not been gorged we were now facing them down.
The feeling is one that I crave and seek out every year and because o that I can say it is the best place on the Earth.

Our seven strong group are off and ready and hopefully will return in one piece to tell our tale.

Hemingway and the Bull run

The craziness of San Fermin

Being chased by a bull

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