Thursday, 9 May 2013

The biggest adventure of them all

Welcome to Casa Ben

Finally after a long uphill struggle I have moved into the new house.

The monumental task or making the house a home slightly stresses me out a little. I look at the work needed and my mind boggles.

The decorating of the previous occupiers was appalling.

Large green and white striped wallpaper and terrible carpets of odd colours.

The first thing I did after assembling furniture was to decorate the second bedroom. This has changed from a dark blue dingy room to an open white space with all my masks and world travelling collections adorned on the walls. This I have called the adventure room.

All I need is a leather winged back chair and it will be my own little man den.

There is of course so much else to do. The kitchen needs doing; the bathroom is horrible and I need to make the main bedroom into a room that doesn’t look like something has vomited on the walls. Oh and I need to turn the front garden into a drive.

On the plus side I have a ‘man shed’ and a ‘man garage’ to do ‘man’ things in and feel ‘manly’ with my tools.

Here are a few pictures of the house and the fantastic ikea world map picture I put up on the wall.

Lastly check out the globe bar, truly brilliant and very me.

Back to decorating and all my time being consumed by painting and the like.

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