Monday, 16 September 2013

London, best served sunny

The sun has disappeared and been replaced by dark clouds and typically British lashings of rain.
Our al fresco summer activities have returned to the indoor and chat about the bad weather has intensified.
Moods drop and people seem less talkative as the country turns a darker shade of grey.
Summer has ended, autumn has appeared to have been skipped and it looks like we have jumped right into winter as today the clouds covered the sky and everyone donned coats, hat and shivered as they walked briskly with hands firmly shoved deep into their pockets.
However the summer we just had was one to remember. The weather was glorious and it made us come out of our homes in droves to see our beautiful country basking in glorious light.

Luckily this year was the first time in many a moon that I decided to take a few days away in this country. I was greeted with fantastic weather as I entered the World Orange Chasing Championship  and visited Stonehenge and Avebury.

The weather was at its peak and it made the experience a whole lot more pleasant as I took a trip down a childhood holiday memory lane in Devon and Somerset.
Of course at times it threatened to be terribly British. As was the case when I visited  Bath and the heavens opened and soaked us to the skin. We didn’t mind as by the time our hair was wet we were well and truly wrapped up in our beer coats at the rugby.
When the sun shines and you live in Essex and you seek a spot of outdoor adventure there is only one place to go.
The view from Primrose Hill never fails to impress
Of course this is London town.
On our doorstep the greatest city in the world by a mile.
London offers everything from the bustling city to the fruity aromas of Camden Lock Market.
Museums, theatres, outdoor shows, festivals, music, history and culture. You name it London has it to offer.

London has that knack of looking good whatever the weather but this summer she shone brightly and made the city dwellers removed their jackets and un-button their top button and loosen their ties.
London dazzled and everyone seemed in fine spirits.
You could walk the Thames path and the crowds would surge as you reached Gabriel’s Wharf and further. You could climb Primrose Hill and see people basking on the grass like seals on a beach.

Hyde Park and other green spaces became makeshift outdoor tanning salons where flesh turned pink rather quickly and what’s more people smiled.
Not as much as when the Olympics and Paralympics were in town, but a year later a vibe and feel good factor certainly hit the capital.

Go into London no matter what the weather and go someplace you have never been before.

Try it, whats not to like; who knows what you may find?

London can offer something for everyone and the words of Dr. Samuel Johnson that were spoken so long ago are still true to this day.

‘‘Sir, when a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford’’.

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