Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Nuclear Rush 2016 Review

I was asked to write this for a website so thought I would also post it here.

Nuclear Rush 2016
Having run races from 5 ks to marathons all the way through to Ultra marathons. Nothing is more fun and enjoyable than rolling around in the mud while also covering a distance.

The Nuclear races have grown in size since their inception. I remember when they were consisting of just natural obstacles with a few hay bails thrown in for good measure.

Now they have surpassed themselves with not only copious amounts of mud (I am sure this was the muddiest race I have ever run), lashings of water obstacles; but also more specialist purpose built things to climb on, through and over.

I think having different distances and multiple heats is a great idea and the children's mini race is a really lovely touch to an event that is also a social occasion with bands and bars.

Some people take this race seriously, but in my humble opinion the most fun is to be had running in a group of different abilities, laughing, joking and helping each other all the way round.

The only issue I have with this race is the escalating price tag as it becomes bigger and better. Long gone are the days of this being the cheapest muddy race around.

To summarize; if I didn't live close to this event I would travel to participate in it.

Great, muddy and silly fun!

Participated : May 2016


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