Tuesday, 21 January 2014

London with a scarf

Winter arrives and you wrap up warm. You pull the collar of your coat together to keep out the chilly wind and you maybe wear an extra layer and thicker socks.

The last thing you do before you leave the house however is grab a scarf.

What wonderful things scarves are.  

All colours, patterns and textures. A scarf for eve occasion and always they can compliment whatever ensemble you have thrown on that day.

A scarf is essential for the wonderful thing of exploring London in the festive and winter period.

London, a wonderful city both day and night and all year round.

Although like a lady changes her fashions with the season. London does the same. In summer she blooms like a floral dress and in winter she sparkles like the make-up donned for a Christmas part.

Therefore the festive period up to just after New Year’s Eve is always good for a wander to see the lights and attraction and temporary big wheels and markets that pop up.

London suddenly has the unmistakable smell of roasting chestnuts and mulled wine wafting to your nostrils.

Especially if you walk down the Southbank or wander into Hyde Park to get lost in the kitsch glaring lights of the German winter wonderland equipped with ski chalets and randomly a festive ghost train!

Trafalgar Square has the giant Norwegian tree all lit up in blue lights which if viewed with Whitehall as a back drop looks stunning.

Then you can wander to see Covent Garden were a giant topiary reindeer was on display. Of course you went via Leicester Square and saw the mini funfair which is not as garish as winter wonderland but still at sigh when lit up looks better than it does in the day.
The main shopping streets of Regent, Oxford and Bond are all out on show and looking their best. People scurried around in the thick shopping crowds looking for last minute presents or after Christmas where they fought to get a bargain in the sales.
The Southbank however was a sight to behold. More traditional with a carousel and sweet shops. But what made me smile were the many types of mulled drinks on offer. From wine to cider to one with shots. Of course each was sampled and tasted rather nice.

Then New Year comes along and everything is taken down, transported away and put in storage.

London reverts to a grey skied vibrant city without her make up on.


In no way does this mean she is more boring. Of course not!

London still has so much to do and see but this in my opinion, mid -January is the best time to see her as the crowds are less hectic with sale shoppers.


London really is a great city to explore.

Just think; it is only another 11 months till the lights go back up again!

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