Sunday, 5 October 2014

I bloody love Bangkok



Bangkok. The city that never sleeps; or even seems to rest at all.




A place where you can be excited, scared, amazed, surprised and party all night and not realise the sun has come up.
The sun raises its head over the skyscrapers and you feel its warmth caress your skin that is sticky and wet from the sweat that has accumulated during the night.


In your hand is a drink you have been sipping or a bucket full of Thai whiskey you have been stirring the ice with a straw.

The first time I visited was in 2007, then again in 2009. Not much had changed and it was still a hotbed of silliness, filth and fun.

Then five long years passed and I recently returned.



Oh Bangkok, how I have missed you and your hot sweaty embrace.




As soon as I arrived in the fabled backpacker Ghetto of Khoa San Road I knew I would have fun again.

Street raves, all night party’s huge stereos on the street right next to chilled out massages on the road. Places selling very strong buckets of Thai whiskey and Red Bull that pumps your heart up to level 11.

A warm smile crept across my sweaty face as I arrived after some island hopping with the little lady.


I arrived and immediately knew that I  would party and drink and be silly and shop, as everything here was dirt cheap and really good.
The t shirts seemed to fit like a glove and the vests were the same. Colour prints and fake sunglasses and even shoes were of great quality. I remember back in 2007 buying some fake levi jeans. They lasted for years until I out grew them in my old age!
Fake Haviana's flip flops are hard wearing and I still own a few pairs.
When arriving I literally travel with an almost empty bag and fill it wiht Bangkok goodies.











Getting away from the mentalness of Khoa san road there is so much more to see.
Explore ina  tuk tuk and take in the sights. Or visit the famous  temples of Wat Arun and Wat Pho.



During previous visit I think I must have visited them all but really wanted to return to Wat Pho to see the beautiful golden giant reclining Buddha. His golden body shines in the light that creeps through the windows as he ascends in to Nirvana.
I stood staring at his mother of pearl feet and there is always soenthing appealing to me about a Buddha. His eyes seem to relax you and calms the soul. Msaybe that is why I have so many dotted around my house.
Bnagkok has so much to offer. If it is your first time take in the sights. If you have been there many times do your favourite things like sip a drinka nd watch the world go by.
BUt as this was probably the 7th or so time back in the Thai capital I wanted to experience soething new.
This I found in the form of a roof top pool and bar over lookign the city.
I could dip my feet in the cool waters and hear all the noises of life.
The beeps or taxis, the wooden clickign nises of carved frog sellers and the shouts of tuk tuk.
Also from this vantage point you can laugh more freely at sex tourists who prowl the street looking for trade!
I know its harsh to laugh at them but I just cant help it.
As I watched the sun set over the towering skyline of Bangkok I wondered if it is this city that I am in love with or the fact that this city for me is the gateway and entry point to Asia and another travellign experience?




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