Thursday, 23 April 2015

Run Ben run!

3 days to go til I pound the mean streets of London town.

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12 years ago I crossed the finishing line of the London Marathon at the Mall and swore never again.

I staggered over the line as a young man with legs on fire but am immense feeling of pride welling up inside me.

Back then I was a lot lighter as well as younger and even then I was not built for long distance running. I am even more less now. Years of weights, crossfit and rugby have made me more built like a sprinter than a marathon runner. Never the less after a couple of beers I entered the ballot for this years London Marathon.

My face dropped when the red acceptance envelope arrived through my door many months later.

Suddenly it had dawned on me, I was running the streets of London again. Once more tackling the worlds most famous Marathon.

Back when I did it, the marathon was sponsored by Flora and it was in its 23rd year. Now it is the Virgin Money London Marathon and this year it is the 35th anniversary.

There was nothing for it. I would have to train.

Not only train but also choose a charity. I could have run for a cancer charity but choose instead to run for one that has affected me and my family in recent years. 

Therefore I decided to run for the Alzheimer's society because of my lovely old Nana.

My 87 year old Nana is a wonderful woman full of life and as fit as a fiddle. She was the perfect granny growing up and a loving and caring woman who makes epic cakes.
It hurts me to see her descend slowly and exasperatingly deeper into the clutches of this horrible illness. This once outgoing woman reduced to forgetting the simplest of things and having to be cared for.
The worst part is the look of realization on her face that this is happening.
It breaks my heart to see her suffer in this way.

Therefore I ask you please to donate to this worthy cause and not only help my Nana but the thousands of other Nanas and  families who are in similar or worse situations.
Whatever you can spare will go towards helping those out who need it the most.

I know thousands o people run marathons and do it for the prestige and boasting appeal. BUt I am doing this because I hate to see my gran suffer. I know there are many others who feelt is way and if I can raise some cash to help in any way shape or form I would feel that I am helping out in a small way.

I set a target of raising £500 and so far I have smashed that. I am almost at a grand. That would be amazing if I could get to that total.

So many people have wished me well and donated and it brings a huge smile to my face to see how much money has gone to charity.

I know everyone will be asking for money, but please if you can think of my Nana and all the other Nana's, Gramps, Uncles, Mums, Dads, brothers and sisters who this horrible illness is effecting.

I am running for all of you and you will all spur me on.


  1. A good fit is good for health and for all other aspects of life, so I like the fact that you exercise regularly.

  2. There is nothing negative or bad at all! Running is essential for your body, for your muscles, bones, etc. It keeps your strong and healthy.

  3. I can never even imagine running a marathon, I am happy with my Bsc honor thesis writing services hahaha. I legit admire people who have the potential to run in a marathon let alone winning. I mean, can you share with me that how do you get so much stamina and strength, and motivation? I can never! More power to you but still I am glad you swore to never do it again…